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A kayak school cooperation between Alpin Rider Center and Kobarid Kayak School

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We firmly stand behind our teaching style, and Soča is one of the best rivers in the world for learning how to kayak.


In saying this, we understand the value of different instructional approaches and the advantages of practising on various rivers. Therefore, Kobarid Kayak School likes to promote and co-operate with innovative instructors, whom we believe can bring your kayaking to the next level.


In June 2022, we accompanied our mainly Soča-taught guests to Valsesia to attend a 3-day kayak school with local master instructor Jacques Gilardone of the Alpin Rider Center. We anticipated a great benefit from going to this different river setting with its unique challenges. But we were also excited to see that Jacque's methods complement ours, which resulted in quick skill progress.


We cannot recommend Alpin Rider Center and Jacques Gilardone enough if you plan to visit Valsesia. We hope to make it a yearly stop for us.

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