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Andraz Krpic kayaking the Soca Katarakt section


First whitewater kayaking experience                

Kayak school - 2,5h

Kayak trip

(experienced kayakers only) - 1,5h

Kayak rental - half day

Kayak rental - full day 

€ 55.00

€ 80.00

€ 80.00

€ 60.00

€ 20.00

€ 30.00

There is a € 5 discount on rafting for those under 18 years old and those who go both rafting and kayaking with us.  

We don’t offer discounts on kayaking programmes. Prices of kayak school and kayak trips don't include equipment rental but we offer a € 5 discount on rental if you purchase those programmes.


All prices are in Euros per person and they include 22% VAT. We reserve the right to alter the prices. 

The price list is valid from 8.3.2022.

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