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It’s been over 30 years since I first sat in a kayak at Ljubljana’s kayak and canoe club, and I still remember that day well. I feel lucky that I discovered this sport at an early age as it’s since been my biggest passion, which provided me with an infinite pool of experiences and life lessons. I could say that rivers enchanted me, and I am happy about that.


I’ve done many years of slalom and wildwater racing, I’ve gone through a phase of loving to get thrashed around in a playboat, but challenging whitewater missions with good friends are what makes me feel alive.

Friends are a huge reason why I insist on keeping my life centred around kayaking and rafting. Whitewater family must be one of the most loving and all-inclusive communities. It is easy to make long-lasting connections with like-minded individuals worldwide through kayaking and rafting, and you’ll often see expert paddlers encouraging and helping newcomers that they meet on the river.

Andraz Krpic kayaking Soca Katarakt
Andraz Krpic kayaking Soca Katarakt

I’ve loved instructing ever since I first started teaching kids at our local club while still a student. Throughout my career as an instructor, I also found my love for whitewater rafting. I find it incredibly fun to make a team of inexperienced paddlers enjoy the benefits of more challenging whitewater on their first go.

In 2019 I started the Kobarid Kayak School project. After many years of moving around the world, and chasing summers, I wanted to use my experiences and vision to create a business where I can transfer my enthusiasm for rivers to other people. And no better place to do it than in one of my favourite places in the world - Kobarid, just next to the river that has mesmerized me with its mystic beauty and rapids since I was a keen kid paddler. The Soča River is one of the best rivers in the world for learning how to whitewater kayak. So while I understand that kayaking isn’t everyone’s “thing”, I promise that I mean it when I tell my clients, who are about to sit in a kayak for their first time, that my goal is to make them enthusiastic about whitewater kayaking as well.


Andraž Krpič

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