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Kobarid Kayak School is an expert provider who brings you an authentic whitewater kayaking and rafting experience with the most current knowledge of paddling and rescue techniques.


Located in the scenic town of Kobarid, our home playground is arguably one of the most beautiful and best rivers for learning how to kayak - The Soča River. It is also a classic rafting destination that impresses with crystal clear water and emerald-coloured pools, with the most popular rafting river section only a short drive away. 


You can find us at a kayakers' favourite campsite, Kamp Koren



Improve your skills and technique

Spending multiple days learning how to kayak and getting to know basic river rescue skills are some of the best activities you can do in The Soča valley. 


For beginners, intermediate and advanced kayakers.


Learn the basics and descend on your first trip

Learn the basics of boat control and safety in the whitewater environment. After learning the basics, we descend a beginner-friendly whitewater section.



Rapids, Teamwork, Frolic!

We offer rafting on various sections of the Soča River. The choice of a particular river section depends on the current water levels and your group’s age, ability and general wishes.

We’ll do our best to find the best solution for you!


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